Tis The Season Of Giving

The holiday season is special for many to come together with family, friends, and loved ones. While it is a time for celebration and joy, it is also an opportunity to give back to those in our community who are less fortunate and are looking for support. Giving back during the holidays is more than just spreading good cheer; it’s about ensuring everyone can experience the joy of this special time of year.

This holiday season, consider giving back and supporting your community, and making a difference in someone’s life – no matter how small your actions may seem, they can make a big impact on someone else!

Remember, a community’s strength mirrors the compassion of its individuals. By inspiring your circle, friends, family, colleagues, and acquaintances to donate or help, you fortify the bonds of your community. The more support we extend, the more resilient our community becomes. Helping your community is an opportunity for you to grow as a person, to better understand how you fit into the world around you.

Members of the Woman's Club of Ridgewood Volunteers

We started early this year and were able to offer the following to our local charities: